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We are an Individual Defensive Player (IDP) fantasy company that began with a podcast. We believed the market lacked quality information in a timely manner and we sought to change that.  Now, we deliver weekly/season long ranks, waiver wire podcasts, rookie evaluations and our coveted draft kit that goes on sale in the spring.


Our Mission

To help you build a fantasy empire. We will equip you with in-depth IDP knowledge throughout this journey.  During the season, we will help you find those waiver wire targets that give you a competitive advantage over your league mates. In the offseason we will cover rookie prospects, sleepers, and season long projections. 

I look forward to listening to the IDP Fantasy Empire podcast every week. Paul and Buck deliver their own, no nonsense, approach to IDP management and strategy for weekly lineups. They hit you with stat nuggets with their expert insight from weekly game film that a savvy IDP player can appreciate. It really is wonderful to have a consistent, weekly IDP based podcast to listen to. Their speed to market and twenty-four hour turn around sets them apart from others in the industry. It drops before waivers on Tuesday and no one else is doing this.

The bottom line, this is my go to IDP Fantasy Football podcast.
— PK Ripper, Contributor

Our Contributors - Paul and Buck

  • Paul has a Bachelors degree in Mass Communications
  • He has worked in radio and hosted a fantasy football/college talk show
  • Green Bay Packers share holder
  • Interviewed RB - Brice Brown (Bills/Eagles)
  • Avid golfer and likes all sports but cricket
  • Buck has a Bachelors in Business and is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Management
  • He served in the Marine Corps from 2009-13'
  • He is a back-to-back champion in his dynasty league
  • Buck got his first fantasy job as a stats contributor for
  • His passion is the outdoors



Paul and Buck have been playing IDP for 21 combined years!

They have placed first 21 times, second 18 times, and third 4 times in 70+ IDP leagues.

They play in multiple fantasy leagues: IDP, Standard, PPRush, PP Reception, Best Ball, QB/TE/Kick Return Premium

Buck placed 13th in Scott Fish Bowl 7!