Post Season Thoughts

At the end of every season we are able to take a step back and look at how our season turned out. We bask in the victories and scrutinize our defeats. For some people they get to enjoy their victory for a hole year while the rest of us try to fix mistakes and say to ourselves "I'll get it next year" or "If I only drafted better".  There are three things I want to look at every year at the end of the season. First, could I have drafted better? Second, did I set the best lineups and use the waivers to my benefit. Lastly, what was the one mistake I can learn from.

The true start of the season, you get your list and a plate of your buddies famous buffalo chicken dip and a preferred beverage and sit in front of your device and wait for the start of you fantasy year. This is of course your draft day! This is one of the biggest days in your league year. You can either set yourself for success or be setting at the bottom looking up. When I got into any draft I always have a plan of attack. I like to guess my opponents moves and always have a plan b. This last year we had an IDP auction League. I like to go offense early and take a few gems as I go. I targeted Deion Jones and Zack Brown and Blake Martinez as my main LBS that I would over pay a bit for. With safeties I wanted Burnett and Neal. D-line I was after Short, Jordan, and Campbell. I hit more than I thought I snagged Jones, Burnett, Brown, Martinez and Campbell.

I picked up some guys on the first waiver when it dropped. I picked up Nick Vigil, Cameron Jordan and those 2 alone carried a big part of my defense. Now I play much loser in our auction league  to experiment for my dynasty. Most of our owners play in both leagues so it fun to learn who they like and make them pay up for it. If you know your league mates it a stategy to put up their favorites and watch the money poor out. Or in a standard draft to take Ryan Shazier in front of Buck, because you know what round he'll take him in.  I like to draft a team that can be dominate in the key spots: LB 1 and 2, S 1 and 2, and D-line 1 and maybe 2 pending on format. The rest I can fill for bye weeks and keep my team in the black all season long.

I liked my drafted team but I did miss in some areas. I should taken a risk and grabbed either Tre'davious White or Adoree Jackson and rode the rookies all season long and dominated the CB spot. Also I could of grabbed Sorenson to sure up safeties. I always feel even in my championship years that I could of done better. No draft will ever be the magical one that means you have to do no work on afterwards, so always account for the unexpected. If you leave a draft food of food and drink and happy with the lineup then you are off to a good start and then the next step comes and that is waivers, trades and lineups.

Part 1 - Paul