Lineup and Trade Moves

            Setting a lineup and hitting waivers is the life blood of a team all season long. When the last snap of the Monday night game goes in the books we start listing all the lineups we want and go after the players we deem "our guys". This constant picking up and dropping can make us second guess out lineups and fall into a streak of second guessing ourselves. I was that guy last year in our 2016 season in our dynasty. I constantly benched studs for bums. It's easy to second guess your gut and all the bombardment of expert analysis.

            I like to discount the first 3 weeks in the lineup mistakes. Most players don’t really get cooking and being consistent till week 4.  For instance, I didn't start Nick Vigil week 1 but I was still able to win. Week 3 I played Cutler instead of either Mariota or Winston, who both had double his numbers, but I yet still won.  In 2016 I had a horrible start to the season and I kept killing my lineups and wound up with a top-4 pick in our dynasty. To be fair I did give up and was happy hoping to get Nick Chubb (who returned so that was great) which in a redraft is pointless.

            This year I was hitting on all cylinders and went 7 and 0 before I tasted defeat. The only way I could of won that week was playing the Colts team D instead of Pitt. The rest of my team had a bye week. Fast forward to my next loss in week 10 I faltered by not playing Kamara or Davante Adams, but I couldn't kill myself over that one but looking at doesn't help it feel better. The rest of the season I hit the injury bug hit my team like the swine flu as I lost not of my defensive leaders Nick Vigil, Leonard Floyd, Nicholson, and traded Blake Martinez ( who was my break out player that proved me right) for Brandon Cooks and my soft WR core.

            I've finally learned after years and years of playing not to drown in the " why didn't I play him" or " he was supposed have a small week". Especially in IDP you have to be willing to except that some guys will have better days than other. That why Buck and I go so in depth with all of our notes and tape reviews. We want you all to hit week after week in lineups and waivers with our help. I have played golf all of my life since the age of 5 and over the years I used to get so mad if I hit one bad shot and it would throw off the rest of my round. Through the years I finally realized that you are going to hit a few bad balls and regret the swing but you have to move on to finish strong. The same can be said for fantasy football, you may set on bad lineup or regret a swing on a waiver pick up but you have to forget it and move forward and  keep moving towards the championship.